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Thank you, Dev Bootcamp

I started learning to code for real in April of 2012. Before then I had dabbled a bit, enough to know it’s what I wanted to do, but not enough to really get good at it. That changed, if slowly, over the proceeding months, as I sat alone at home and taught myself as best I could with the tools available.

I believe strongly that anyone who wants to learn to code today and in the future has no excuse to not be doing so. There are so many free resources for learning online. But using those resources come at a cost, and the cost is time. Learning online means learning alone, even if the class you’re taking has 100,000 other students in it. There’s nothing like learning in-person.

In a way, Dev Bootcamp was a risk for me. I suppose it was for everyone, but personally I knew that I was learning enough such that I might theoretically be able to get a job by myself, without their help. After all, I had been teaching myself to code for almost 6 months.

Man was I wrong. I had known that learning solo was suboptimal, and chose to go to Dev Bootcamp because I figured it would be more enjoyable and easier to learn with other people around me, but I was honestly blown away by the learning environment they created. My code improved by leaps and bounds, I met amazing people, and learned about what it’s really like to work on a team writing code.

Things ended with a bang, as the last day was a blur of interviews at the Dev Bootcamp office, graduation, and a much-deserved celebration. A week later I had a job offer from one of the companies that interviewed Dev Bootcamp graduates on our last day.

Now I’m a software engineer at OUYA. I’m writing code, and having a wonderful time. And it is thanks to Dev Bootcamp that I’m here.

As I’m no longer a student at Dev Bootcamp, this is my last post at dmragone-at-dbc. If you’d like to follow my main tumblr, where all this content was originally posted, it’s at dmragone. Or you can read all this on my blog,

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